Cloud Enablement

Bringing agility to the digital world …

“Most businesses recognise that bringing more agility to meet the digital transformation challenges requires cloud, but many struggle to find the right guidance to leverage the cloud”

  • Looking for the best cloud strategy?
  • In a dilemma about migrating to Cloud?

LERU TECH is here to assist you in every step of your Cloud transformation journey. We can help you in:

  1. Building a cloud strategy and to design and implement a cloud native operating model.
  2. Building a business case for a cloud migration based on change in TCO and benefits gained by the migration.
  3. Conducting a 6R migration analysis and planning the migration project.
  4. Helping you in identifying the right sourcing model for public cloud and related services.

With expertise in all major cloud technologies, our consultants are here to help you define your cloud strategy, build solutions, and manage your infrastructure.

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